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The creation of a new scalable entertainment & sports format based on eSport and advanced air mobility air racing that, on one hand, fits precisely in the strategy of governing sporting bodies and, on the other hand, is connected to the top series of automotive racing, is the key point for the diffusion of the technology among a large number of spectators. 

To serve the future urban and advanced air mobility and its ecosystem we are starting from virtual eSport and gaming proceeding to a low emission racing format, a platform for a safe and reliable progress, like F1 has served the car industry.

So FORMULA AIR GRAND PRIX becomes a reliable and safe platform for the technological progress, according to the needs of the urban and advanced air mobility.

In this way, we address current challenges and help significantly in the areas of social acceptance, rules and regulations, development of infrastructural solutions - in addition to the push to promote technological advances and make them tangible to a broad audience.

Mission & Vision: Über uns
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