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The highly disruptive performance air race and eSport spectacle
with social benefits serving the advanced air mobility. 

The innovative air race using the safest, fastest and most reliable eVTOL technology. The first air race where pilots can lift themselves in high speed air manoeuvring races to the podium. In the 3rd dimension an overtaking is not limited to left or right but can also be managed over or underneath the competitor to claim technological leadership by becoming world champion.

The Race: Über uns


First ever eV/STOL race competing “side by side” with close proximity to spectators while prevailing for the overall safety of the pilots, spectators and circuit officials. 

High and low speed passages, different flying levels, closer than ever to the crowd while prevailing the highest level of safety. Each eV/STOL will follow a virtual corridor and be able to switch to another corridor in certain circumstances defined by a flight traffic algorithm. This will define allowed maneuvers between eV/STOLS, especially during close flying. The pilot would be blocked to take any dangerous maneuver while close flying to another competitor, and he would be penalised for it as well. To enhance the experience for spectators the corridors could visible their AR and VR applications in smartphones / tablets.

The Race: Über uns
The Race: Bild


High performance eV/STOL air vehicles that focuses on safety, range, accuracy
and speed/maneuverability.

The FAGP is planned as an open race. All stakeholders can bring their products to the starting line to prove what their technical solutions are capable of. The participation is subject to a strict set of rules, which is designed in cooperation with the governing sporting bodies to ensure the greatest possible safety for pilots and spectators. Detailed specifications of the development and configurations allowed to keep a good technical challenge and giving incentive to advanced air mobility manufacturers but containing any potential big budget scaling.

One of the current partners and possible race aircraft manufacturers is Manta Aircraft with their performance HeV/STOL (hybrid electric vertical and short take off and landing) ANN1.

The Race: Über uns


Digital racing as a complement

We are creating an eSports expansion to attract the growing gaming community. Gaming & eSports address young audiences and creates reach and excitement to lead them into our racing sports approach. Our game is designed to reward individual skill and playmaking ability and have an actively supported, popular competitive mode. The game’s ranked mode also provides an experience that closely resembles the world championship. We will provide several modes to deliver the best experience and showcase the dynamics and opportunities of the race vehicles differently. The best one will have the chance to become a pilot in the World Championship later. The beauty of sport where anyone can make it to become a hero.

The Race: Über uns
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